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Transformational you

I was sitting on a sunbed in Hawaii chatting with a friend. He´d been single for some time and suddenly he revealed that his biggest goal in life was to find his soulmate. You know that special someone he could share everything with…

After hearing him out, I said; In that case, maybe you should define what qualities you are looking for?

He smiled and said: I already made a list😃
Tell me, I said (smiling)
And for the next 5 to 10 minutes, he was talking… He had obviously been thinking a lot about this. In the middle of it all I thought; This is not a normal human being. This sounds more like a goddess(!)
I had never heard a list like this in my entire life😅

She was supposed to be at least 170 cm tall. In perfect shape, fit, tanned, extraordinary kind. Of course, she would be very smart and it would be beneficial if she was fluent in seven languages cause he liked to travel. High income was a must, or even better own her own business, (also very successful🤩) so she had the flexibility to also give him the attention he needed. To top it all off; She basically needed to be an unkissed virgin.

I might exaggerate a bit (and maybe he was too😅), but honestly, I had never heard a list like this in my entire life. (and yes, it was longer…)

We both laughed a little as I said: She sounds incredible. But then I asked him that crucial, but important question: How do YOU basically need to transform in ALL areas of your life to attract that special someone?….

You know, I love goals.
I love to aim high, and I live to inspire others to do the same. Both in business and in life.
But often I feel that many, in the process of setting their goals, often fail to ask themselves the follow up question; Who do I need to DEVELOP INTO to get those results?

I challenge you to set your targets high.
But never forget to ask the follow up question. The question that will help you transform.
And as you transform, so will your results…