Wes Linden

When I first met Hilde & Orjan, I was impressed by their depth of understanding, knowledge & empathy they have for those getting started in the entrepreneurial space, but then when you really take stock of what they say, their insights into high level leadership are really worth taking hold of. Their team spirit I witness amongst the people they lead, and the affection they are held in, told me that they were true leaders of men and women, who operate on a human level rather than robotic.

Their ability to ask the right questions and help you reframe your thinking. They’ve done this to me personally over ice cream! They helped me completely reshape my attitude towards an important part of my business and my own development which gave me a real shift in an area I thought I had sussed!

When they speak, I would sincerely suggest you listen with an open mind and be prepared for some breakthroughs you weren’t expecting.