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Increase starts in your attitude!

I fell down to my knees and cried out to God;
“What is wrong with my husband?”

Have you ever worked towards a goal and suddenly had a setback?
How did you feel? Did you manage to control your emotions?
We all go through seasons where we feel set back, disappointed or let down by ourselves, our loved ones or people around us.
The big question is; how do you then manage to control your emotions?

In this talk, you´ll hear a real life example of how I turned a peaceful holiday with my family into a “Christmas disaster”.

Your attitude holds an infinite power. The best part; YOU ARE IN CHARGE OF IT. Even at Christmas;)

PS: For those of you that chose to watch the whole video, the Christmas meal actually turned out quite good.
I promised my mum to tell;)

Happy Holidays and may you all be blessed with tremendous Joy, Love and a Great Attitude this Christmas!