Good Morning!

I am nervous…. This is my FIRST blog post…  
Have you ever been nervous the first time you did something?

I remember my first day at primary school, I was nervous…
The first time I was competing in the junior swimming championship in Norway, I was very nervous…
My first day of University, yes – you guessed it, also…
My first job interview, I was shaking…
Signing my first customer contract as a key account manager – definitely nervous, but also very excited…
My first speech, what an interesting experience;)
When I signed my first distributor agreement in MLM, I was not only nervous, I nearly freaked out!

The next day I went to talk with the smartest student in law school. He was my friend and “the nerd” that was the leader of the nerds in my faculty. To find out about this new business, I hired him to investigate if this “network marketing-thing” was legitimate or if I had just bought products for 1000 dollars I had to sell.

I was 20 years old. My “investigator” was 25 year old. Exactly 30 days later he came back to me with a stack of 300 sheets. He had really been taking this research thing seriously… He gave me a lecture of the whole history of network marketing. How it started as direct sales in the late 1800s and then evolved into network marketing later. (If you are interested reading an article about the history of MLM, check this out: History of network marketing)

Finally he concluded saying: “I believe it is a good business to be in for many people. It gives everyone an equal chance to succeed and build a home based business. However Hilde, I don´t know if you have what it takes to succeed at this…”

That was it! I immediately decided: I WILL PROVE HIM WRONG!

Today, 12 years later, I have been a full time network marketer for 10 years. I can honestly say THAT comment was actually what pushed me to give it a real shot. And even though you might laugh and think: She is easy to provoke – I am grateful for being so competitive that I decided to go for it. I am so grateful for the network marketing profession, for working with an amazing group of leaders and for being able to do something I love and are passionate about. It changed my life.

So if you are nervous about doing something new, it is natural. If somebody tells you that you can´t succeed, that´s usually a part of the process of succeeding. The question is what your decision is if you get the same comment. Hopefully it will be to prove them wrong and YOU RIGHT.

SEND! It is done!
My first post is online….