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25 traits of an Attractive Personality

When I was young, I desired success SO much. But I had a problem: I was so insecure, I came across as arrogant. I needed to display the attractive traits of my personality, and in order to do that, I needed to become conscious of how I affect others.

Through Napoleon Hill’s book, Pleasing Personality, I started to focus on what I needed to work on to become a better version of myself. In this video, I will share with you Napoleon Hill’s principles of an attractive personality. I will share what I have learned, and how I evolved over the years to be perceived as the person I truly am.

3 thoughts on "25 traits of an Attractive Personality"

  1. Hoi Ørjan

    Please teach me and let me learn more about to do like you do in your life ??

    Visionary Regards from Swiss ??
    Michi ☯️

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