Transformational you

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I was sitting on a sunbed in Hawaii chatting with a friend. He´d been single for some time and suddenly he revealed that his biggest goal in life was to find his soulmate. You know that special someone he could share everything with…

After hearing him out, I said; In that case, maybe you should define what qualities you are looking for?

He smiled and said: I already made a list😃
Tell me, I said (smiling)
And for the next 5 to 10 minutes, he was talking… He had obviously been thinking a lot about this. In the middle of it all I thought; This is not a normal human being. This sounds more like a goddess(!)
I had never heard a list like this in my entire life😅

She was supposed to be at least 170 cm tall. In perfect shape, fit, tanned, extraordinary kind. Of course, she would be very smart and it would be beneficial if she was fluent in seven languages cause he liked to travel. High income was a must, or even better own her own business, (also very successful🤩) so she had the flexibility to also give him the attention he needed. To top it all off; She basically needed to be an unkissed virgin.

I might exaggerate a bit (and maybe he was too😅), but honestly, I had never heard a list like this in my entire life. (and yes, it was longer…)

We both laughed a little as I said: She sounds incredible. But then I asked him that crucial, but important question: How do YOU basically need to transform in ALL areas of your life to attract that special someone?….

You know, I love goals.
I love to aim high, and I live to inspire others to do the same. Both in business and in life.
But often I feel that many, in the process of setting their goals, often fail to ask themselves the follow up question; Who do I need to DEVELOP INTO to get those results?

I challenge you to set your targets high.
But never forget to ask the follow up question. The question that will help you transform.
And as you transform, so will your results…

Increase starts in your attitude!

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I fell down to my knees and cried out to God;
“What is wrong with my husband?”

Have you ever worked towards a goal and suddenly had a setback?
How did you feel? Did you manage to control your emotions?
We all go through seasons where we feel set back, disappointed or let down by ourselves, our loved ones or people around us.
The big question is; how do you then manage to control your emotions?

In this talk, you´ll hear a real life example of how I turned a peaceful holiday with my family into a “Christmas disaster”.

Your attitude holds an infinite power. The best part; YOU ARE IN CHARGE OF IT. Even at Christmas;)

PS: For those of you that chose to watch the whole video, the Christmas meal actually turned out quite good.
I promised my mum to tell;)

Happy Holidays and may you all be blessed with tremendous Joy, Love and a Great Attitude this Christmas!


The Law of Cause and Effect

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Success is an event that some get and others do not get, dependent on chance or luck. Success is predictable. We all can achieve all the success we want, and even more.

As most people, you have probably realized that most of what happens is for a cause and has a consequence (effect). If you understand the law of gravity, centrifugal force and the other laws of nature, you too understand they are ruled by the laws of nature. When you kick a football, it will speed forward. If you throw a ball into the air, it will fall down. If you plant a seed, the nature will let a tree grow up.

What is fascinating is that we all believe that the universe is governed by natural laws, but when things happen in our life, it is by chance, coincidence or luck.

The truth is, all is ruled by the Law of Cause and Effect. We have been set up with a navigation system, which is our attitude; positive or negative. Attitude is defined as a predisposition or a tendency that refers to an action, feeling or mood. And it is precisely our actions, feelings and moods that determine the action, feeling and mood other people feel toward us. It is not your attitude this moment that decides, but the sum of your thoughts, feelings and actions through your day and your life.

Let me show you 2 examples:
-A person with a bad attitude for learning will not learn much until he changes his attitude.
-A person with a bad attitude for training will not be physically fit until he changes his attitude.

In reality, our environment is a mirror of our attitude. If we don t like our environment, the first and only thing to do is to change our attitude. The Universe has no favorites. The Universe is impartial.

So how do you obtain a good attitude? Try this experiment: Move your right arm in acircle. While moving your arm, think about the fact, it is your subconsciousness that actually performs the work. Why is that? Yes, because there is no chance you can move about 157 muscles between you shoulder and your wrist by the conscious though. This is too much organization. It is too complicated to say:                           ”Muscle # 53 ten degrees left, then muscle #71 thirteen degrees right a.s.o…” Your subconsciousness actually receives the command, and moves your arm in a circle, the same way it sees to you are breathing and that your heart beats. The conscious part of the thought sent the command, but the subconscious part did the action. This process repeats itself thousands, maybe hundreds of thousand times every day. Each time a thought becomes action, the subconsciousness starts manifesting the idea in your life. This is why your attitude is so important. All the thoughts you think by the conscious part of your brain is transferred to the subconscious part, which starts a process in your body or activates invisible forces. The subconscious part has no ability to feel or disclose information. What it does, is to act on instructions provided.

The way it all works, is we choose a thought in our conscious mind and get emotionally involved. As we continue thinking this thought, our subconscious mind starts doing the action. This is exactly what happened a few minutes ago when you moved your arm. Your conscious mind choose that thought, and you wanted to do the exercise. You gave the command to your subconscious mind, which thereafter activated the muscles necessary to move your arm. This is the way all results are made. Thoughts create feelings in your subconscious mind. Feelings create action, and action creates result. This is the Law of Cause and Effect.

So, if you change your thoughts, you change your results. All thoughts you think again and again will end up in a physical form. You create your environment from how you think. And if your thoughts are changing, the results will also have to change. We can all achieve the success we want, and even more.

Increase the volume of your future

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How many times sitting around your family dinner table can you remember yourself or someone in your family sharing their dreams, and all the wonderful things they wanted to accomplish in life? 

How many newspaper articles have you read lately that talks about all the great things that will take place during the upcoming decades?

How many teachers from school encouraged you to dream big and set goals for the future?

Compare this to all of the times growing up you´ve heard a message that talked about the past, the history, the events that had already happened. I am guessing we’re not talking about a 50/50 scenario here, probably more a 99/1 or even a 100/0.

Sometimes it might be difficult to believe in a bright future if you feel stuck in the past. 

In this talk I´ll give you one of my personal keys to overcome the noise from your past so you can hear the volume and promises for your future. Hopefully you will feel challenged to take a moment to identify those bad experiences, be ready to let them go, so you can make room for some new great experiences, through ONE simple exercise. Enjoy!

25 traits of an Attractive Personality

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When I was young, I desired success SO much. But I had a problem: I was so insecure, I came across as arrogant. I needed to display the attractive traits of my personality, and in order to do that, I needed to become conscious of how I affect others.

Through Napoleon Hill’s book, Pleasing Personality, I started to focus on what I needed to work on to become a better version of myself. In this video, I will share with you Napoleon Hill’s principles of an attractive personality. I will share what I have learned, and how I evolved over the years to be perceived as the person I truly am.