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Giving back

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Principle no. 1: Give, and you will receive. Luke 6:38

The principle of giving is based on the laws of sowing and reaping. When you have a seed in hand it is at its maximum potential, but when you put the seed into good soil it has the potential to grow and multiply. In many ways our personal resources work in the same way. A fun example might be that a smile behind closed doors has the potential of putting you in a good mood, but a smile to another person has the potential to travel around the world and multiply one person at a time.

Principle no. 2: Our mind is either limited or limitless.

If you think that you only have “enough for yourself”, your mind will limit you by only giving you resources to cover for yourself. On the other hand, when you give, you tell yourself that you have more than enough. The law of attraction then starts influencing your mind to believe that there is an unlimited amount of resources available to you.

Principle no. 3: People need help. 

Whether you believe in principle no. 1 and 2, people still need help. We think that a person with a healthy heart sees those needs and wants to help. We see enormous amounts of needs and are therefore dedicated to give to many organizations and also teach the message of giving back to the people that cross our path.

Some selected organizations we support:


compassion     Glocal Aid       logo


Plan-logo               SOS_Barnebyer