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Build your grit!

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How do you get to the pinnacle of your dreams? What does it take to lead your team?
And how do you develop the stamina to finish the race? In this talk Ørjan goes through what it really takes to go beyond the first levels of your compensation plan ranks. Enjoy!

A View on network marketing from Europe

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Ørjan 04

What is network marketing?
I recruit you, you buy products, I make commissions. You recruit three people, they buy products, and we both make commissions. Is this network marketing? You might answer yes—until you read the next paragraph. Then you might stand up in rage and disagree with me, even though you now understand that what you thought was network marketing is actually an illegal pyramid scheme, at least in Europe and definitely in Norway.

The European Commission (EU) directive of 2005 defines an illegal pyramid scheme as “establishing, operating, or promoting a pyramid promotional scheme where a consumer gives consideration for the opportunity to receive compensation that is derived primarily from the introduction of other consumers into the scheme rather than from the sale or consumption of products.” In the regulations of the Norwegian Lottery Act, the EU directive is to be understood as follows: “The EU directive sets as condition for a ban that the income is primarily a result of recruitment. […] The Ministry understands the directive thus, that if more than 50 percent of the income is derived from recruitment, it may be illegal.” In other words, the directive states that a minimum of 50 percent of the turnover leading to commission payment must come from sales of goods to customers who do not participate in the income opportunity.

If you are like me when I first read this, you may be tempted to believe the Ministry must have misunderstood the European directive. Nevertheless, this is the law not only in Norway but also in Belgian courts, which interpret the directive the same way as the Norwegians do—and the Belgian capital, Brussels, is the host city of the EU parliament. We can argue or we can get real. Think of speed limits: no one likes them, but they are good for us; that’s why we have them. This European law is good for people. In truth, the law is good for business. I recruit you, you buy products, and I make commissions. You get five customers and we both make commissions (plus, in many programs, you get your own products for free and I only make a commission off your customers, not off you—taking away one of the major irritations of our critics). Next you recruit three people and they buy products; we both make commissions. Then they get five customers, and we both make five times the commission. That is good for you, me, our upline, our downline, the team, and the company. This is network marketing.

My point is that the European standard is not only legal, it is better. So don’t fight the law; make a leadership shift and promote it. And when you see your people speeding, please notify the authorities.

Ambition a daily choice

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How do you foster your ambition and how do you structure your time to achieve your goals?
In this talk Hilde goes through 5 important steps that can help you rise to the next level in your business. She also challenges you to think through how you use your time most efficiently.

Note that this video is recorded at a company event and therefore mentions the company name, Zinzino, several times. We hope the speech will give you some keys to build your own business regardless of what company you are working with.

Love is in the air!

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We are in love! We can’t describe the feelings that arises when we look our newborn son Gabriel in the eyes. We’re so incredibly happy – and our life are at its peak! There might not be a direct comparison between love for your kids and love for your business, but we’ll give it a try.

You might remember the movie: “Notting Hill” released 1999 – where the super star, Anna Scott (Julia Roberts) ends up dating the local boy William “Will” Thacker (Hugh Grant) in the suburbs of London, Notting Hill. After all the drama love wins in the end and our hearts melt.
The question is how does the film director get our emotions involved and what can we take home to our business from this romantic comedy? We believe the answer is “BR”.

In your Direct Sales business the “BR” is the Business Review where you go over what worked and what didn’t work. That you do a PDCA, (Plan-Do-Check-Adjust), of your business and help your team do the same.

In the movie the “BR” are all the reflections after the sequences of drama. It is when the horde of reporters gathers outside of Wills house to get a photo of the lovers and have something to write about. It is when the super star Anna is crying behind her sunglasses and Will is hiding in his room. It is when the super star says the famous sentence “I am just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her”.

Something happens, then we reflect: “BR”. Something else happens, then we reflect again: “BR”. Each event leads up to the grand finale when all the friends of Will becomes involved in racing through the streets of London to help Will find Anna. And of course – love conquers all:)

So lets look at how we can use “BR” as a tool in our business.

Set aside a time on a regular basis with your business partners and go through the good, the bad and the ugly. The good we praise, the bad we adjust and the ugly – well, we change what we can change – the rest we pray for:) And then we look at:
-What is the big dream, what skills do we need to develop, what tactics can we implement, how do we adjust our goals and what is the specific action plan for the next month?

The lack of “BR” in life kills everything. The lack o  “BR” in your business stops you from living your ultimate dreams.

Even though we are wildly in love with Gabriel – that doesn´t mean he is always happy with us. Sometimes he cries and we have no idea why!! This parent-thing is brand new to us. On his 33rd day of life – (yes, we admit we are probably a bit slow) – we just learned this funny detail that his diapers has a mark that turns from yellow to blue when they need to be changed…

These days we are going through an ongoing “BR”-session. “Why is he crying – is it the diapers or might it be a burp, is he hungry or do we need to Google it yet another time: Could it be something else?!!”

Life with Gabriel is “BR” on steroids! I don´t think there has been a single day in his life where we haven´t done a PDCA. And hopefully these business reviews keeps Gabriel happy and makes us a little bit better – step-by-step.

Inspiration appears when there is the tiniest bit of hope that you can make your dream happen. And when you implement the PDCA in the “BR” on a continuous basis you create the perfect set up for a happy ending.

We are so happy for our big blessing in Gabriel. After weeks of stressful evenings where we constantly have reviewed – “What can we do differently?” – THIS is our first night of success where he is sleeping so well that we are actually waiting for him to wake up:))

Fundamentally Business Review equals CHANGE.
And when you fall in love with change – it becomes the tool that will help you win!

Number 14

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In this speech, “Number 14”, Hilde will teach you her personal journey of Dream – Struggle – Victory. If you are “pregnant” with a big dream you might need to deal with obstacles on your journey to success. In this talk she gives you a heartfelt personal story on perseverance towards achieving one of her dreams. You will learn some of the strategies and techniques that Hilde uses in her business to achieve tremendous results:


1. How to create good habits
2. How to keep your long term vision
3. How to avoid deception


Success is not about where you start – it is all about implementing the right strategies to achieve your dreams.
Watch, learn and enjoy!